Guelph Think Safe Campaign

Inspired by TSSA’s philosophy that safety is a shared responsibility, and that we all have a role to play in enhancing safety in our homes and communities, TSSA has launched its second series of Working Together in Our Community – THINK SAFE campaign this spring.

Fully acknowledging that we are all collectively in a heightened state of safety and the greatest issue facing us all, provincially, nationally and globally, is the novel coronavirus pandemic, we cancelled all plans associated with the community event days that were to take place within these communities.

We are however continuing to execute elements of the broader campaign through direct mail, local and social media. As residents and communities have been asked to modify their lifestyle and are spending increasingly more time at home, TSSA, within that environment and through this campaign, wants to remind people of additional means by which they can keep themselves safe in and around their homes.

Although spring is on the horizon, the risks of CO exposure unfortunately don’t change. In fact, in addition to being mindful of the common sources of CO in the home, we must pay special attention to things like cottages, campers, boat cabins and RVs as CO can build up in these enclosed spaces under certain conditions, potentially resulting in harmful and even deadly CO poisoning. So, it’s important to be in the ‘know’ about CO including the fact that CO knows no seasonal boundaries.

The safety awareness campaign will run for three weeks in Guelph between March 23 - April 10. During the campaign, residents will receive lifesaving details about carbon monoxide exposure and other important safety information delivered directly to their mailboxes, through advertising in local media and via social media posts.